'And the little girl smiled, "Sunset," she said, "that is my favourite colour."

As we near the end of week seven in this current lockdown, it's hard to not feel sad about the babies waiting to meet me, now, almost two months old... The mothers that wanted their pregnancy documented with their families, that will have their little ones in their arms before I will be able to capture their bellies... I really am sorry to those who are missing out on documenting this beautiful part of your family story.

I do want to reassure you that your baby can still be beautifully captured at any age. There is so much to love about a chubby baby with big gorgeous eyes, all smiles as they proudly sit up. Or a favourite of mine is that one year milestone, where your little one's personality shines!

I had a few clients in 2020 unable to get newborn photos done due to the first lockdown. They chose to document their little one around the first birthday mark (the photos can make great invites). While it can be disappointing not getting those tiny, womb-like photos of your baby, at home, in his/her first weeks with your family, I think there is something very special about capturing the bond that you have created with your baby and the love that has grown in the months after you first met.

I'll leave you with a few images of sweet little Peyton, with her family, a week before her first birthday.