Our little Finley Max

Three months, our baby boy is three months old today! As I think back over these last three months, I can’t help but smile!  I am so incredibly thankful for this amazing little person who has slotted into our family so perfectly, just as he was meant to. The tears shed during the years spent waiting, and our precious little ones we never got to meet, were all part of our bittersweet journey to meet our sweet Finn, and now as I hold him in my arms, it feels like this journey has only just begun!

After weeks of expecting our bub to sneak in his arrival overnight, my waters broke one morning as the kids were getting ready for school! I was due for a postdates scan, so Greg had taken the day off. He dropped the kids off at school, and we weren’t sure if the baby would arrive before the end of school, so we prepped them with pick up options and headed into the hospital to meet our midwife:-)
Our wonderful midwife met us at the nurses desk, took us into a room, and had a listen to our bubba’s heart. I had been wanting to try a waterbirth, so she asked if I’d like her to fill the bath, (which takes what seems like forever, killing quite a bit of time!), and after just over an hour of labouring, our beautiful boy (all 4.3kgs of him!!) was born:-) There really is no feeling that can be likened to the first time you hold your baby in your arms.
Greg made the school pickup and brought a very excited Charlotte and Harry up to the hospital to meet Finley, and later brought us all home that afternoon:-)
I had spent so much time worrying about when our cheeky baby would come, and his arrival was nothing less than perfect! (Although if you’d asked me in those days leading up, ‘perfect’ would not have been a word thrown round!)
Our Finn stole our hearts, from the moment we met him, he is always smiling, has a pretty cute giggle going on and loves a good chat! He already looks towards our door in the morning, waiting for his big brother and sister to come in with their ‘good morning’, where he’ll respond with a big smile. It’s all I dreamt of and more!


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